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Inmersión Madrileña ​

Hi! I am Annabelle Reyes, the freelancer Spanish teacher behind Spanish&Lessons, a boutique agency specialized in the promotion and teaching of Spanish language and culture. I like to think about myself as a facilitator of new communication skills and a linguistic mediator in English and Spanish. 

I am the proud mum of two young adult women. I also teach yoga and promote a healthy lifestyle.

My professional career has Madrid as both the stage and also the protagonist of many sessions in various urban locations. A Madrid seen from the point of view of new visitors who wish to make it their home.

This multicultural and multilingual environment presents Spanish as a language of connection and integration.

on the Road

For over 17 years, I have carried out individual programs of cultural adaptation and communication skills for clients of many different nationalities. Part of the success of my method is based on enhancing the talents and innate abilities of each person with whom I have the opportunity to collaborate.

I have worked in international companies with varied profiles and work environments, from senior executives to freelance professionals. I believe that the enthusiasm and commitment I transmit in Spanish & Lessons inspires my clients to better achieve their goals. 

Important values

I  am grateful for my clients’ trust in the successful evolution of my brand and I am optimistic about how we are developing new interpersonal skills that  improve the big picture in virtually every field of work.

Always looking for a new professional adventure that expands knowledge and human value!

Inmersión Madrileña” is simply using Madrid city like a huge living classroom. It has proved to be a successful way to practice real Spanish with locals and others S&L clients. The ‘must’ to your learning experience.

If you don’t live in Madrid and would like to know more, I have a few good options for you. Contact me!